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  • $Tenant Find Only/mo
  • Only £399 Including Inventory
    • Specialist Vetting and Referencing
    • Full Property Marketing
    • Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
    • Deposit Registered Within 24 Hours
    • First Month Rent Collection
    • Immediate Funds Transfer
    • Personal Lettings Service
  • $Full Management/mo
  • 7% of the Rent
    • Full Lettings Management
    • Approved Repair and Maintenance
    • Quarterly Property Inspections
    • Expert Tenant Management
    • Specialist Property Management
    • Personal Lettings Service
    • Monthly Statement and Update
  • $FREE Lettings/mo
  • FREE
    • The Full Management Service
    • Tenant Pays The Management Fee
    • Landlord Receives Rent
    • Monthly Statements and Updates
    • Quarterly Inspections
    • Pay As You Go Lettings Services
    • Personal Lettings Service


"U Moove came and took photos and details on Monday morning and by Sunday night I'd accepted an offer and sold my house."

- 3 Bedroom House Sold in Portsmouth Within 1 Week

"We were on the market with another estate agent but they didn’t sell it so I called U Moove and it was sold in about 2 weeks. I saved a fortune!"

- 2 Bedroom Flat in Kidderminster Sold in 16 days with 5 offers




FREE Property Valuation
Your local U Moove Property Expert will give you an honest valuation, professional market advice and expert opinion for the sale of your property.
Full Pictures and Particulars
Engaging and accurate photos and descriptions of each room, feature, aspect and characteristic of your lettings property, professionally presented to your potential buyers
Full Property Marketing
Marketing your property through modern and effective property sites, social networks, targeted email marketing, telephone work and extensive communication with your potential buyers attracting high volumes of high quality buyers to view and buy your property.
The Famous U Moove Sale Board
Eye-catching U Moove Sale Boards to show potential buyers that they can buy your property and who they should call.  They’re well known and attract a great deal of interest to help sell your property
Quality Viewings
Your local U Moove Estate Agents will arrange viewings with quality buyers that are in a good position to proceed.  No time wasters, only potential buyers
Open House Viewings
Speed selling! One set day when multiple buyers can see the property in one open house viewing session and submit their offers
Viewing Feedback
U Moove will give you Instant feedback on your viewings to give you an idea what your buyers are saying.
Specialist Negotiation
Your Local Property Expert will work tirelessly to achieve the best price for your property and will help you negotiate the purchase of your next property if you need it
Completion Support
Direct contact with your Local Property Agent and continuous updates on the progress of your sale all the way through to completion.
After Sales Service
We don’t just stop when you complete, U Moove’s Property Services Team will help you with cleaning, building, refurb, maintenance or if you’re renting, try FREE lettings management.
Direct Customer Contact
You can call, text, email, Skype, webchat, Facebook, tweet, visit U Moove any time you want. We love speaking to you so U Moove uses every way possible to keep in touch
Premium Listing
Make your property stand out on Right Move with a Premium listing. Attract more buyers and more interest.
EPC and Floor Plan
You’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate in order to sell your property but don’t worry, U Moove will organise this for you and it comes with a floor plan of your property to help appeal to potential buyers.
FREE Lettings Management
If you’re a landlord and you’ve just bought or sold with U Moove, we’ll fully manage your lettings property for FREE! No catch, no fees, just free lettings management



Expert Rental Valuation
Your local U Moove Lettings Expert will give you an honest valuation and professional market appraisal for the rental of your property.
Full Pictures and Particulars
Engaging and accurate photos and descriptions of each room, feature, aspect and characteristic of your lettings property, professionally presented to your potential tenants
Online Marketing
Marketing your rental property through modern and effective lettings property sites, social networks and targeted email marketing attracting large volumes of high quality tenants
Offline Marketing
Contacting thousands of high quality tenants that would be interested in renting your property and presenting the key features and benefits to generate viewings and relevant interest.
The Famous U Moove Sale Board
Eye-catching U Moove For Sale Boards to show potential buyers that they can buy your property and who they should call.  They’re well known and attract a great deal of interest
Full Tenant Management
U Moove Lettings Experts will manage your tenant and keep them as happy as possible. After all, a happy tenant is a reliable tenant.
Rent Management
Your rent will be safely transferred to you within 24 hours of receipt and you’ll receive monthly rent statements to help you track your finances.
Registered Deposit
U Moove work with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and each deposit is registered within 24 hours of receipt with confirmation delivered to you for each tenant.
Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST)
Check out our tenancy agreement . It’s a secure contract which keeps you and your property protected.
Rent Guarantee
Your rent will be paid to you each and every month without fail even if the tenant doesn’t pay. Protect your income.
Repair and Maintenance Management
U Moove will track, monitor and maintain all of your property’s repair and maintenance tasks, safety checks and fit for purpose checks. We’ll organise it all while you relax
Full Picture Inventory
The Rolls Royce of inventories. Fully comprehensive and expertly carried out by independent property surveyors. These documents are vital for your protection.
Check In and Out
U Moove will accompany the tenant when they move in, ensure they are comfortable with the property and educate them on everything in the property such as boiler operation, utilities, bin days, safety and every process which will help them settle.
Quarterly Inspections
Quarterly inspections including pictures and a video walk through of the property to show you the standards which your tenants are keeping your property.
Constant Communication
Constant updates, feedback and reports on the performance of your rental property and the tenants.  You can call us any time and we’ll always stay in close contact with you.
Emergency Call Out
U Moove will provide your tenants with an emergency call out service in the event of an emergency. We help your tenant feel comfortable and secure in their home.
Personal Property Manager
Direct contact with your U Moove Lettings Manager that knows you, knows your property and is working hard to keep your property safe, your rental income secure and your tenants happy.
Building Management
U Moove has built a network of expert contractors which have shown excellence in their services and competitive pricing. U Moove will supervise, manage and track all work done on the property from small scale building work to large scale projects.
Pay As You Go Lettings
You can buy Lettings services from U Moove as and when you want them. You don’t even have to be a U Moove customer to take advantage of our services. Call to find out more about our Landlord Services:

U Moove is an estate agent and letting agent which sells property for a fee of just 0.5% and fully manages lettings for a fee of just 7%.

U Moove works harder than any other agent and provides the highest level of customer service.  The staff are more passionate, more dedicated and more charismatic than any other estate agent on the planet. The U Moove service is superior and every member of the U Moove family goes above and beyond to sell and manage your property

  • Expert Property Sales
  • Professional Customer Service
  • Full Lettings Management
  • Property Investments

U Moove’s superb customer service is absolutely free!  Any agent that charges you more because “they provide a better customer service” is just crazy! Sell a property, let a property, buy a property or rent a property with U Moove. Speak to your local U Moove Superstar today.

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